In today’s world with a growing population land cost is at a premium, Solar roof mounting structures are the preferred choice for solar projects worldwide. The stability of roof mounting structures is paramount and we pay special attention to this factor. S.G Solar provides its customers with cost-effective, durable and long lasting Solar Panel Mounting Structures. We provide flexible and easy to disassemble solar roof mounting structures. Our structures are designed to withstand the harshest weather and can be designed to our customers specifications.

Benefits of Using S.G Solar Panel Mounting Structure

  • Solar mounting structures are manufactured for each customer, as per site specific conditions and requirements.
  • Wide range of sizes in Solar mounting structure to offer flexibility to our customers.
  • Durable and Certified to stand heavy winds and rain load.
  • Best-in-class Infrastructure
    • In house slitting line which helps us to provide you with different width of purlins used to set up structures.
    • On line and Off line Punching to provide all kinds of punches as per customer requirements.
    • In house cutting line to provide our customers with multi length purlins as per the site requirement.
  • Leverage with national and international facilities.
  • Hassle free inspection and dispatch of our material.
  • Site specific design, wind analysis and engineering support.